• Smell-B-Gone Fogger Do you have overpowering cigarette smoke, mildew, mold, pet and/or terrible odors in a vehicle he is trying to detail or sell?
  • Tired of expensive odor removal products that simply mask the smell and/or don’t work? 
  • Then look no more – Smell-B-Gone destroys any odor…permanently, making you more money!! 
  • The Smell-B-Gone odor elimination kit for vehicles is simply the strongest, fastest, and most effective odor removal product ever developed for the automotive market.

Developed in conjunction with automotive reconditioning professionals, Smell-B-Gone is used by thousands of automotive dealers and detail shops nationwide. A simple 5-minute prep and 1-hour treatment destroys odors on contact. The Smell-B-Gone kit includes everything you will need to quickly ATTACK and DESTROY odor-causing molecules using a chemical reaction that rids cars of odors – simply and effectively. Smell-B-Gone doesn’t just mask odors – it removes them!