Malco EPIC Heavy Duty Compound MAL-1090

Malco EPIC Heavy Duty Compound MAL-1090




Malco EPIC Heavy Duty Compound MAL-1090

MAL-109032 Quart

EPIC™ Heavy Duty Compound is specially formulated for use with orbital polishers. It is a correcting and polishing compound that removes up to P1500 sand scratches and polishes to a deep gloss in one step. EPIC Heavy Duty Compound removes severe surface defects on areas exposed to heavy road contamination, like the front end of vehicles. It contains no waxes, fillers or silicones making it 100% body shop safe. It is water-based and easy-to-use significantly reducing clean-up time.

Shake well before using. For best results on softer clear coats, use with EPIC™ Grey Foam Heavy Duty Pad in either the 6.5” (#840001) or 5.5” (#840005) size. For harder clear coats, use the EPIC™ Purple Foamed Wool Heavy Duty Pad in either the 6.25” (#840004) or 5.25” (#840008) size.  Apply four, 1/4” (6.25mm) drops of EPIC™ Heavy Duty Compound to the pad and spread on surface using your orbital polisher set to 1 or the lowest setting.  Once the compound is spread, and the pad is nicely seasoned, turn orbital polisher up to 6 or the highest setting and with light to medium pressure work the compound from opaque to clear to ensure you have broken down the abrasives and have brought the surface to a deep gloss.  Do not buff to a dry surface.  EPIC Heavy Duty Compound is designed to stay wet throughout the entire polishing process to achieve a swirl-free finish.  Wipe surface with a clean ultra-soft microfiber cloth.  Follow with EPIC™ Finishing Polish (#1092) if an ultra-deep gloss is desired.

Aggressive enough to remove severe scratches
 Compound has a long working window that can handle severe surface defects from heavy road contamination
Finishes in one step
 Provides great finish without the need for extra steps
Dust-free application
 Keeps the rest of the vehicle clean while you work  Allows for faster clean up
Brilliant Finish
 Abrasives both cut and polish as they diminish, leaving a high-gloss finish

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