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AWC-63-QT Poly Magic Polymer Protectant Coating

Poly Magic Polymer Protectant Coating

AWC-63QT  Quart

Poly Magic™ Polymer Protectant Coating can be used on wet or dry exterior surfaces provides a long-lasting shine to clearcoats and other plastic surfaces. Enhances rubber side molding and trim, without blushing or whitening. Formulated to be static resistant and provide UV protection. VOC compliant formula. Sprayer sold separately.



Poly Magic Polymer Protectant Coating

AWC-63QT  Quart

PRODUCT CATEGORY: Waxes, Polymers, & Sealants

COLOR: Light Milky Blue

SCENT: Solvent

ABRASIVENESS: 0 out of 10 (10 is highest amount of abrasive)

A super-quick high gloss polymer for use on exterior surfaces. Provides a lasting
shine to exterior paint, plastic and chrome. Also enhances rubber side molding and trim
without blushing or whitening. Non abrasive. Easy to use; just apply to exterior surfaces,
wipe on then wipe off. Use after every wash to maintain a showroom finish! Also use as
a dry wash to remove lite dust, dirt, and pollen between washes.

Shake product well. Use on a dry vehicle, just after a proper wash. You may also use on
a slightly dirty vehicle. Lightly mist product onto the surface. Wipe product into the
exterior surfaces. Allow polymer to slightly haze, then buff to a high gloss with a second,
clean, DRY towel. You may also use a DA polisher to or remove with a micro fiber
finishing pad. NOTE: The haze will be slight, as this product is a polymer, not a
traditional carnauba wax. To avoid streaking, it is best to remove product once hazed.
Do not use in direct sunlight. Use only a small amount of product, or enough to spread
over applied area.

For express high gloss and added surface protection of clear coat, single stage, acrylic,
lacquers, enamels, as well as powder-coated paints. Also great for exterior chrome,
plastic and rubber.
Excellent on RVs, boats, motorcycles, bikes, and other painted and clear coated surfaces.
We recommend removing all surface contamination by using Clay Magic® detailing clay
prior to application to ensure the highest performance. This will also ensure easier
application and removal. Do not apply Poly Magic in thick layers. Best used on cool to
the touch surfaces and out of direct sunlight.

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