5” Reusable Static Letter Kit JOS-ECL5

5” Reusable Static Letter Kit    JOS-ECL5

5” Reusable Static Letter Kit




Static cling window letters

Create professional looking window signs in minutes with our easy to use static cling letter kit. The large, easy to read letters come with a peel off backing sheet that you can press in place on windows. The printed character is on a clear rectangular backing. The letters are self-aligning; just place each letter against the previous letter for proper spacing and alignment. If you have more than one line of lettering, these letters will line up vertically or horizontally and still be spaced perfectly. Clean the surface well before applying. Keep the backing sheets after applying for reuse. The kit includes a squeegee applicator, and the letters come on a large sheet that you cut apart.

The letter kit is available in red only and are bright and highly visible, so your message gets noticed near or far. You can change your sign letters instantly to announce promotions or specials. Static cling window letters are designed to be applied on the inside of the window and can be readable from the outside. You can attach the letters to the outside of the window but we do not recommend it. There is no tape or glue and the sign letters are completely reusable. Perfect for every business large and small.

Static cling letter kit contents

Each 190 piece static cling window sign letter kit contains 12ea- E, 9ea- A S, 6ea- B C H I L N O P R T period dash, 4ea- D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0, 3ea- F G J K M Q U V W X Y Z, and 2ea- dollar percent ampersand.


1. Letters are designed for indoor use only. If mounted in bright sun, change letters frequently to ensure even fading of set. Letters can be mounted with either side facing the glass.
2. Characters must be placed on clean windows. Use a cleaner intended for windows, as other cleaners may leave a residue that will prevent good adhesion.
3. Do not apply the ink side of the static cling letters to the windows wet with window cleaner. Allow the window cleaner to completely dry before application.
Gently peel the character off the backing sheet. Keep the backing sheets clean so that if characters care removed they can be stored attached to the original backing.
4. The letters included in this kit will line up square and be spaced consistently if butted up against each other. Place the first letter on the window at the desired location and use the included squeegee to push air pockets from inside of the letter to the outside.
5. Place adjacent letters square against the preceding letter and squeegee out the air bubbles.
6. When the characters are removed for storage, place them back onto the original backing material that was removed before installation. Store in a cool, clean, dry location. It is recommended to store them in a sealed plastic bag.


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