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This menu is still being constructed but each category is listed here.
Adhesive Numbers -121-
7-1/2" Letters
9-1/2" Letters
11-1/2" Letters
15" Long Signs
23" Long Signs
Blue Explosion Numbers
Bright Fluorescent Kits
Certified/Pre-Owned Slogans
Euro Signs
Explosion Year Signs
Red Tag Numbers
Windshield Adhesive Stars
Windshield Bubble Numbers
Year Signs

Advertising  Aids-191-
Australian Windshield Signs
Hood Signs
Roof Signs
Swinging Signs
Toppers/Windshield Ads
Twirling Signs

Banners + Flags-101-
American Flags
Antenna Pennants
Drape Flags
Flags (all colors)
Nylon Flags
Pole Flags

Bed Liners -361-
Bed Rails -391-
Body Mouldings -061-
Wheel well mouldings
Door edge guards
Chrome Mouldings

Brushes -301-
Buff Pads -301-
Bug Shields -161-
Cleaners -281-
Compounds -291-
Dealer Paperwork -231 -
Bills of sale - buyers orders
Buyers Guides
Delivery Forms
Early Bird Service Envelopes
Inventory recording forms
Leasing Papers
Payment Cards
Sales Agreement
Shop Forms
Used Car Appraisal Forms
Vehicle Envelopes
Window Sticker
Dyes -282-
Fenderwell Mldgs -341-
Graphic Kits -031-
Guide Publications -311-
Hub Caps + Centers -251-
Jump Starts -381-
Keybox Systems-321-
"Supra" Keyboxes
Key + Stock Tags-071-
Poly Key Tags
Arrow I.D. Tags
Heavy Card Stock Tags
Slotted Rack Style Tags
Kleer Bak Stock Stickers
Sold/Hold Tags
Dealer Add-on Stickers
Service Dept Hang Tags
Key Cabinets
Key Zippered Case

License Plates -091-
Duraframe License Frames
Embossed Aluminum Tags
Plastic Frames

Lock Out Tools-221-
Mirror Signs -241-
Molded Carpets -351-
OEM Wheels -261-
Paints -283-
Pennants -111-
Checkered Pennants
Fringe Pennants
Multi-colored Pennants
Poly Plastic Pennants

Pin Stripes -051-
GM Chevy/GMC Pick-up Stripes
Multi-Colored Stripes
Neutron Fading Stripes
Single Color Striping
Triple Line Stripes
Truck Stripes
Two Color Striping

Rear Spoilers-021-
Service Supplies -181-
Paper Floor Mats
Plastic Seat Covers
Service Dept Hang-tags
Snow Rake
Steering Wheel Covers

Shop Cooling Fans -331-
Shopping Tour -001-
Signs Lighted  -211-
Signs - Opened/Closed -201-

Site Notices
Site Policies
Static Slogan's + #'s  -141-
Tag Screws -011-
Jeep Screws
Metric Screws
Nuts and Bolts
Plastic Inserts
Standard Screws
Tag Holders
Tag Magnets
Thumb Screws - Metric
Wing Screws

Tow Lights -371-
Trunk Decals -081-
Brushed Dealer Cals
Duralens Nameplates
Plastic Nameplates
Thermal Die-Cut Decals

Trunk + Roof Racks-171-
Ski Rack Roof Mount
Ski Rack Hitch Mount

Vent Shades  -151-
Waxes -291-
Meguiars Products.-291-
Auto Magic Products.-297-
Windshield Paints -131-
Nissen Ball Markers
PORCA Markers
Solid Markers
Uni - Paint Markers
Windshield Markers
Windshield Paint in Buckets

Wood Dash Kits -271-


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