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Page 1 = Balloons, Bows and Ribbon

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Get the Attention You Deserve!
At first glance it may seem like such an unusual way to advertise. 

When ordering read below

  1. Remember to choose colors
  2. How many of each color
  3. What sizes for each color

Recent Winning Trends That Create Traffic Using Balloons !

Click here for price chart !

Very Large High Flying Attention Gets Results Look Below
For large balloons - 100 foot tethers $ 11.00 each
7ft Balloon can hold three 100 foot tethers 

Order By Item Number then Color --  EXAMPLE:  Item 117-03 = 17" blue
Color 17"
Blue 117-03 360-03 66-03
Green 117-04 360-04 66-04
Orange 117-05 360-05 66-05
Pink 117-06 N/A N/A
Red 117-07 360-19 66-07
White 117-08 N/A 66-08
Yellow 117-09 360-09 66-09
Assorted 117-01 N/A N/A
Black 117-41 360-41 N/A
Purple 111-17 N/A N/A
 Prices > $ 17.00 $ 27.00 $ 19.75

*Also Available*
17" Gold & Silver $21.00


Attract attention to your dealership with this giant popular smile design! Imprinted on two sides, it is made from 100% natural, biodegradable latex.

17" Smiley Balloon 50 Count Bag
Part# MAP-17808
Price: $17.00

36" Smiley Ballaoon 5 Count Bag
Part# MAP-36808
Price: $16.00

Reusable Balloon and Holder Kit
Finally, a way to eliminate the cost of helium and short term latex balloons!
These innovative vinyl balloons and holders will last months, not days.
Balloon holders allow reusable balloons to move but keep
them at a uniform height allowing them to be seen from great distances!

EZ-529 Complete Reusable Balloon and Holder Kit - Price: $18.00
EZ-524 Reusable Balloon Only - Price: $8.00
EZ-532 Reusable Balloon Holder Only - Price: $11.00
EZ-526 Adapter Clip Only - Price: $1.00
Window Clip Only - Price: $1.00

Magnetized Ribbons / Bows

Merry Christmas - Happy Birthday - Sale - Celebration - Graduation

P/N: EZL-531 + "Color"
Only $37.00 Each

Green White Red

Magnetized Ribbons ... Make Your Customer Thrilled !
Ready to use - 22" Diameter
Showroom Bows bring class to a showroom and make special events look great!

Shiny Giant Car Bow

Part Number : EZ530

Colors Available
" Red
- Gold"
"Blue - Silver"
"Green - Silver"
"Silver - Gold"

Only $ 24.95 Each

Jolly Pull Bow
Bring the holidays to your windshields!

- Ships flat, just pull the string and create your bow in a flash!
- Conveniently ties to a suction cup for use on a vehicle windshield or cubicle.
- 12 inch diameter with 8 inch long tails.
- Made from 4 inch wide shiny weather resistant material.
- Designed to be used indoors or outdoors.
- Weather resistant.

***The size of this bow allows it to be used on a windshield to highlight a price, year or vehicle feature. ***

Part# EZL-535
Price: $8.00

Balloon Inflator


   Ribbon   500 yds 
$3.00 per spool
   Red, Blue, or White

 Spool of Cord    6,000 yds
$13.00 per spool

Bag of Pre-cut Ribbon
4 ft long    144 strands 
Take it from me ... this is the way to tie up balloons!!

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