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Custom Banners
Attract attention from blocks away !

Pricing and Size Information Below
Sizes are approximate
18" Part number BF-01-CB18    Single Side $8.00 per Ft.    Double Side $12.00 per Ft.
 22" Part number BF-01-CB22    Single Side $10.00 per Ft.    Double Side $15.00 per Ft.
36" Part number BF-01-CB36    Single Side $12.00 per Ft.    Double Side $18.00 per Ft.
60" Part number BF-01-CB60    Single Side $17.50 per Ft.    Double Side $26.50 per Ft.

Background & Letters come in :
Red , White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black
Message & Letter Size Determines Length , " 25 Ft. Maximum ", NO set up charges!
Several Letter Styles To Choose From!

Very High Quality (You get what you pay for!)

These are examples of several banners that we have
produced. You can choose one of these, modify one or give us
 your own wording and we will design it for you.

shop us on the web 3x10.gif (10010 bytes)

4X4 3x10.gif (8887 bytes) HOT BUYS 3x10.gif (7552 bytes)
CS101 CS102 CS103
NO HASSLE 3X10.gif (7936 bytes) RED TAG SALE 3x10.gif (10711 bytes) RV SALE 3x10.gif (8585 bytes)
CS104 CS105 CS106
USED CAR SALE 3x10.gif (9124 bytes) USED CARS 3x10.gif (7396 bytes) WE FINANCE 3x10.gif (8191 bytes)
CS107 CS108 CS109
3x10.gif (7749 bytes) WE RENT 3x10.gif (7479 bytes) certified pre owned 3x10.gif (9643 bytes)
CS110 CS111 CS112

@ $5.00 per square ft
(3' x 10') = $150.00 each + $25.00 Setup Fee ($175.00 Total)

2 Sided (3' x 10') @ $10.00 per square ft = $300.00 + $25.00 Setup Fee ($325 Total)


used cars 3x20.gif (9390 bytes)

red tag 3x20.gif (9705 bytes)

hot buys 3x20.gif (9002 bytes)
CS201 CS202
truck sale 3x20.gif (8658 bytes) used car sale 3x20.gif (8875 bytes)
CS204 CS205
truck headquarters 3x20.gif (11064 bytes) year_end_sale_3x20.gif (7588 bytes)
CS207 CS209
van headquarters 3x20.gif (9983 bytes) rv headquarters 3x20.gif (9751 bytes)
CS210 CS211
suv headquarters 3x20.gif (8928 bytes) we finance 3x20.gif (8469 bytes)
CS212 CS213
super rebates 3x20.gif (9339 bytes) hablamos espanol 3x20.gif (9079 bytes)
CS214 CS215

(3' x 20') @ $5.00 per square ft = $300.00 + $25.00 Setup Fee ($325 Total)

2 Sided (3' x 20') @ $10.00 per square ft = $600.00 + $25.00 Setup Fee ($625 Total)

All banner prices reflect custom manufacturing. All banners are one of a kind and can be modified to be used in any promotion. All banners can also be produced with reinforced corners, rope, webbing, snap hooks, etc., to fit any installation.

Custom Made To Your Exact Specifications

For ten years, CarSplash banners have been widely used in the Western
United States. With over 35 years of combined graphic art experience, you
can expect the same quality, colors and materials you have come to appreciate
from all CarSplash product lines. By combining UV resistant coating and true
fluorescent colors with high impact designs, our banners command
Instant Attention.

CarSplash Style Banner 3'x10'

CarSplash Style Banners

This style banner is our most popular. Made with a black background and bright long lasting true fluorescent colors.
$5.00 sq. ft.

2 Sided Print $10 Sq. Ft.

$25.00 Setup Fee

Multicolor Designs 3'x10'

Multi Color Banners
This style creates attention without the fluorescent punch. Use up to 3 non fluorescent colors for your message.

$5.00 sq. ft.

2 Sided Print $10 Sq. Ft.

$25.00 Setup Fee

Single Color Designs 3'x10'

Single Color Banners
This style is the most economical. Use your choice of banner color and vinyl lettering. A rainbow of colors to choose from.

$5.00 sq. ft.

2 Sided Print $10 Sq. Ft.

$25.00 Setup Fee


Standard Configuration
10 oz Rip-Stop Vinyl banner material, laminated on both sides with a polyester inner core fabric. A very rugged material with great outdoor durability. We double sew the hems for strength and use grommets every 2.5', top and bottom.

Rope Ties
Rope Ties are a great option when installing a banner between two poles. The rope generally comes with 5' lengths extending outside the banner, but you can specify any size you need.
Price: $.20 per linear foot.

Sewn In Webbing
This option reinforces the banner hems. The webbing can be used in any configuration.
Price: $.20 per linear foot.

Reinforced Corners
Reinforced corners are recommended for all large banners They provide extra protection from ripping at the seams. This option is available for most banners.
Price: $12 per banner.

"D" Rings for Rope Tie-Downs
"D" Rings (1/4" thick) are sewn onto the corners of the banner reinforced with webbing. This option works well with rope tie-downs.
Price: $3 per ring.

Snap Hooks
Snap Hooks are sewn onto the edge of the banner with reinforced webbing. They are used to "Snap" over a tightly stretched rope or steel cable. Great for over the street type banners.
Price: $3 per hook.

Pole Pockets
Pole pockets have many uses: Hanging banners from ceilings, inserting poles for carrying in parades and to fit over existing frames. Pole Sleeves can be made any size to facilitate any size pipe or pole.
Price: $.20 per running foot.

Build Your Own Custom Banner!
Choose your style
Choose your own slogan
Choose your own size
Choose your own colors
We'll design it for you!

All banner prices include complete hemming and normal grommets. Prices do not include special artwork charges and custom letter styles. Logos and designs are available, but are subject to an additional charge. Rope with 5' ties are available. All banners can add sewn in webbing at an additional cost. This webbing reinforces the banner hems and provides extra strength. Air pockets are available at an additional cost upon request.  Double sided banners with a message on each side are available. Banners hung between two poles require extra support.

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