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# VER-200+"Color" Genuine Versa-Tags
The original self-protecting key tag is still the best!
Just a simple fold and it's made. 
"Chrome"-plated steel rings stay bright. 
Write on with any pen, pencil, or marker.
Colors: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green,
   Orange, Tan, Gray, Lilac
Packaging: 250 Versa-Tags
$23.00 Per Box


New !!
New Mixed Color Versa-Tags are available at last! Yellow, White, Red, Blue, and Green Versa-Tags (50 of each color) in ONE BOX!! (250 Versa-Tags per box, with rings)

Part # VER-200MC

$24.50 / box


Consecu-Tags™ available with
Custom Numbering and Lettering
# VER-226-"Color" Consecu-Tags™
Qty 125 250 500 1,000 2,500
# of boxes 1 2 4 8 20
Price $60.00 $103.00 $156.00 $290.00 $680.00

# VER-225-"Color" Top Stripe Key Tag
Colors: Magenta, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Black
Packaging: 250 Top Stripe in one color per box,
with rings and 2 Extra Fine Sharpie pens
$20.00 Per Box

# VER-250-"Color" Poly Tag Key Tags
Color: Stock Poly Tags, Fire Red ink on Yellow or White stock
Packaging: 250 Poly Tags in
one color per box, with rings 
and 2 Fine Point Sharpie pens 
$18.00 Per Box

Arrow I.D. Tags
New Easy-To-Use Design At Low Prices!
*Punched and cleared holes eliminate mess!
       *Write information with any pen, pencil, or marker
*Simply attach key - no ring is needed 
Stock Colors: Yellow, White
Packaging: Shrink-wrapped 1,000 per pack
P/N: VER-275+Color (Small) $16.00 Per Pack
P/N: VER-276+Color (Large) $19.50 Per Pack
*Call for pricing on imprinted tags*

# NAB-CT5-"Color" Heavy Duty Card Stock Key Tags
Stock: Heavy card stock
Colors: Yellow, White, Blue, Green
 Size: 1 3/8" x 2 3/4"
 Packaging: 500 Per Box
  $31.00 Per Box

Part #MMF-201300006
Slotted Rack Style Key Tags With Snap Hooks!
Stock: Comes in bags of 20
    Yellow, Blue, Red, Green. 5 of each (total of 20)  $6.00
All White (total of 20) $6.00
 Packaging: 20 per bag
  $24.00 Per Box


Part # VER-125
Packaging: 125 rings per bag

$8.00 Per Bag

National Banner Key Tags
Economical!  Low Price!
Packaging:500 key tags & 500 steel rings
on white stock 


# VER-400-"Color" Kleer-Bak Stock Stickers
The most popular stock sticker! 
Clear plastic film with permanent adhesive 
seals sticker to the window on all four sides.
Colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow with
Black imprint, New White with Black imprint 
Size: 3" x 4"
Packaging: 100 per shrink-wrapped pack
$7.95 Per Pack

# VER-855 Mini Sold/Hold Tags
Size: 2 3/8" x 4 3/4"
Packaging: 250 Mini Sold/Hold ...
                      Tags per package
$12.50 Per Pack
# VER-850 Jumbo Sold/Hold Tags
Size: 4" x 8"............
Packaging: 250 Jumbo Sold/Hold
                   Tags per package
$22.00 Per Pack

#VER-800 Dealer Add-On Stickers
The industry's best reconciliation sticker offers both quality
and economy. Dealer Add-On Stickers are backed with 
clear plastic and seal on all four sides to the car window. 
Stays in place when the window is rolled up or down. 
Fade-proof ink means blue print stays crisp and deep. 
Permanent adhesive means our sticker won't fall off. 
Write on with any pencil, pen, or marker. 
Colors: White with blue ink, in 3 styles or blank
Packaging: 250 of one style per pack
Specify item number and quantity. 
$27.00 Per Pack

Available in Yellow or White 250 Mini-Signs and one marker per dispenser box (numbered Mini-Signs do not include marker). Each sign measures 3” x 6”. Consecutive Numbering Available.

P/N: VER-650 + Color
Price: $22.00 /pack

Polite and subtle – Keeps cars fresh!
1 ½” x 2” - Transparent Static Cling
250 Count Pack

P/N: VER-6044
Price: $12.00 /pack

# VER-260 Service Department Hang Tags
Stock: Heavy card stock
Colors: Black printing on Yellow background on White stock. 
Designed to be seen through tinted windshields.
 Size: 6" x 7" 
 Numbering: consecutive numbers -
initial number must be multiple of 1,000. 
Packaging: 20 pads of 50 in a carton of 1,000 
Service Department Hang Tags
  $49.00 Per Box

Price Only: $57.00


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